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Performance events can be incredibly complex to record, using multiple cameras, camera platforms, special lighting, extra microphones and audio mixes, cable runs, and crew. The idea is to capture the essence of the live performance without getting in the way of the performers or audience. Extensive editing, re-recording and alternate performances can add to the complexity.

Budget and logistics were the primary reasons each of these examples were recorded with a single camera using natural sound. These are also faithful records of the performances as they actually happened.
No additional lighting was used beyond what was available at each venue.


The first example is being used in grant applications and other fundraising by the non-profit Artists Collective in Hartford.

The workshops and performances were recorded on separate dates in wide screen standard definition digital video.

The second video, documenting a 90-minute concert of 16 individual performances, was recorded in wide screen standard definition digital video from the center aisle with an unmanned, and thus, non-moving camera. Zooms and other apparent camera movement were produced in the digital edit.


The third video was recorded in standard definition digital video from the church balcony using a wireless microphone positioned in front of the choir out of audience view.